About Us


PT. Gading Murni is one of the oldest and biggest stationery and office equipment retailer in Indonesia. The former Mr. Soen Kie Soei and Mr. Sandhi Soenardi first developed it in 1948. Stationed in Surabaya, it took place in Jalan Kembang Jepun under the name of Leeven. During its development, Leeven moved its head office to the more representative street, Jalan Tunjungan, Surabaya ad changed its nama to PT. Gading Murni. During the period, PT Gading Murni proves it self as a stong brand name in officer supplier business.


The two Soenardies; Mr. Sandhi and Mr. Djonny Soenardi, have planted a valuable business heritage to their forthcoming generation. At their time, they started to deal with overseas suppliers and became the agent of them.

And now the third generation, Mr. Aruwan Soenardi continues the succsess by holding international brands, one of which is TRODAT.


As an international company from Austria, TRODAT has appointed PT. Gading Murni to be the sole distributor for Indonesia region since the year of 1980.

Following the technology progress, in the development the process of making is done by using a laser machine named TROTEC. This machine has been imported to Indonesia since the year of 1998.

The spreading of TROTEC machines to date has been in several areas of Indonesia. As a matter of fact, Trodat stamps may be found everywhere in the next future.

In the 21st century, PT. Gading Murni has stepped together with TRODAT to the modern      technology, due to the   development of digital  era,   new programs, “ TRODAT UTYPIA” and “TRODAT SEAL” are created for stamp ordering via internet.


For more than five decades, PT. Gading Murni strengthens its business in four business aspects; Office Equipment, Office stationery, Office Automation and Office Technology.

With the vision to be leading office equipment and office technology supplier, which can be a value added creator in every business, PT Gading Murni carries a simple but great mission to add value for your business to be valuable ones.


PT. Gading Murni always looks forward to give best service in office needs since it really stay in line office business.